Video Game Level Reviews – The Last of Us Chapter 3 (“Bill’s Town”)

"Bill's Town" puts the brakes on the overarching storyline to give Joel and Ellie's burgeoning camaraderie some room to breathe.  Its subtle, sweet, and nuanced and its coupled with some phenomenal small town atmosphere.  Unfortunately, the gameplay in this level is not the game at its best (actually there are some really really poor design... Continue Reading →

“This” Was an Improvement – My Review of The X-Files S11E2 (This)

"This" was a massive improvement for Season 11 of the X-Files over the premiere.  The premiere was sloppy, poorly acted, horribly written and badly paced.   Thankfully,  the majority of my problems with the premiere were minimized here and what we got was an episode that (mostly) would have felt right at home in the original... Continue Reading →

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