A Graphical Review of The X-Files Season 1 Episode 1 – Pilot

Season 1 Episode 1 - Pilot (70.98/100) The Pilot is a monumental episode of television without which my love for dramatic television may never have existed.  And taken as a whole, it's pretty good, hence my score of 70.98.  Yes you…

Mulder and Scully Learn To Be Professional – Sarcastic Recap of the X-Files S1E1 (Pilot)

Just a few days ago was the 24th anniversary of the first X-Files broadcast. I've been tinkering with starting my eight or ninth re-watch of the show and this seemed like a good enough motivation to do it. So without…

Tips on How to Productively Cope With Poor Health – A Breaking Bad Review (Season 1 Episode 1 – Pilot)

Could Breaking Bad have begun its first episode in a less unorthodox fashion? Sure, it could but then it wouldn’t be Breaking Bad. It’s a great start to a series, what with Walt speeding around in an RV, dressed in only his tightie whities, a couple of bodies sloshing around in the back of the vehicle. It’s such a bizarre and frenetic scene and, coupled with his great confession to his family and that badass image of him pointing the gun at the sirens, does a fantastic job of making you wonder “whaaaat is happening?” (in a good way).

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