Teardroppin’ My Favorite Tony Parker Games – #12

With the news last week that Tony Parker had signed with the Hornets, its been an emotional time for me. Objectively, it was likely a good move for the Spurs just because Tony is not the player he used to be.   However, thinking like that makes me feel like I took him for granted back… Continue reading Teardroppin’ My Favorite Tony Parker Games – #12

Oct 18th, 2017 – Recap of Spurs (107) vs T-Wolves (99)

Ahhh another Spurs season opener.  Normally, my excitement is through the roof at this point.  However, no Timmy, no Tony, no Kawhi...and an extended LaMarcus Aldridge.  Really, I was feeling pretty meh going into this game.  I am quite happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised by this game.  Sure the Spurs seemed to… Continue reading Oct 18th, 2017 – Recap of Spurs (107) vs T-Wolves (99)

The Manuest Games Ever Ginobilied – NUMBER THREE

#3 2007 Western Conference Semi-Finals Game 5 vs Phoenix The 2007 championship is by far the least interesting championship the Spurs won, in my opinion.  All year long, I wanted the Spurs to get revenge on the Mavericks for that brutal series in 2006 but that didn't happen (possibly a good thing because those Mavericks… Continue reading The Manuest Games Ever Ginobilied – NUMBER THREE

The Fourth Most Manuest Game Ever Ginobilied

#4.  2005 NBA Finals Game 1 vs Detroit One of my favorite things about Manu is his ability to make a game his.  This means more than just dominating games.  Timmy, Tony, and Kawhi dominate games regularly but it always feels like pre-ordained.  Manu is chaos.  Manu grabs a game's flow and basically forces it to… Continue reading The Fourth Most Manuest Game Ever Ginobilied

Most Manuest Games Ever Ginobilied: (#9-10)

Hi all, I started my list of my twelve favorite Manu playoff games a few days ago but sadly I only got through two of them.  That tactic may be brilliant at building up suspense but I dare not string y'all along for much longer.  Sooo here are a couple more of his games. #10:  2013… Continue reading Most Manuest Games Ever Ginobilied: (#9-10)