Tips on How to Reconcile Differences — Breaking Bad Season 2 Episode 1 Review (Seven-Thirty-Seven)

The first season of Breaking Bad was great, but felt at times a bit rushed and lacking in finesse.  Some episodes seemed too eager to have defining moments which ended up seeming tacked on while others struggled at time with the tone.  Really enjoyable season, much better than anything I would ever write (except for... Continue Reading →

Tips on How to Project Confidence- Breaking Bad Season 1 Episode 7 Review (A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal)

Breaking Bad is generally excellent at setting up its various big moments and tapping the full potential of these moments.  Even in the first season, we had an entire two-episode arc about how Walt and Jessie would deal with the ramifications of their first cook together.  It may have seemed slow to some but I enjoy the... Continue Reading →

Tips on How to Effectively End Meetings- Breaking Bad S1E06 Review (Crazy Handful of Nothin’)

If you are bored like me and reading up on Season 1 of Breaking Bad almost ten years after it aired, you will likely find that Crazy Handful of Nothin' is often cited by fans as the episode where Breaking Bad grabbed their full attention and its clear why.  We've been treated to really four straight character... Continue Reading →

Tips on How to Accept Help From Others – A Breaking Bad Episode Review (Season 1 Episode 5 – Gray Matter)

Breaking Bad has a certain storyline that it promises its viewers.  We expect there to be drug dealing, tense set pieces, and morally questionable actions.  However, based on their current situations, it doesn't quite make sense for Walt and Jessie to cook meth together again.  Thus, the current objective for the show is to get... Continue Reading →

Tips On How To Properly Use A Bike Lock – A Breaking Bad Episode Review (Season 1 Episode 3 – …And the Bag’s in the River)

  Breaking Bad doesn't ever take the easy way out. The last episode forced Walt to deal with consequences of his actions rather than speed right to the next action scene. Well this episode takes it a step further and makes sure those consequences have lasting effects. Damn I love this show (hence why I... Continue Reading →

Tips on How to Redecorate Your Bathroom- A Breaking Bad Review (Season 1 Episode 2 – The Cat’s in the Bag…)

Most shows tend to gloss over some of the less glamorous aspects of a plot to get to the next action scene.  I mean, who wants to see a protagonist deal with his wife all over his secret in the second episode?  Who really wants to know how the main characters dealt with the two bodies from the climax of the first episode?  Who the hell wants to spend an entire episode watching characters having emotional responses to what they did in the first episode.   Well seeing as this is the episode that hooked me on Breaking Bad, I can definitely say "me".

Tips on How to Productively Cope With Poor Health – A Breaking Bad Review (Season 1 Episode 1 – Pilot)

Could Breaking Bad have begun its first episode in a less unorthodox fashion? Sure, it could but then it wouldn’t be Breaking Bad. It’s a great start to a series, what with Walt speeding around in an RV, dressed in only his tightie whities, a couple of bodies sloshing around in the back of the vehicle. It’s such a bizarre and frenetic scene and, coupled with his great confession to his family and that badass image of him pointing the gun at the sirens, does a fantastic job of making you wonder “whaaaat is happening?” (in a good way).

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