I’ve decided I want to write some quick reviews of all of the games I’ve played in 2017.  Keep in mind I haven’t necessarily beaten these so my ratings may change later.  Such is life.

Below is my rating criteria.

Lazy Quotient:  Stuff that draws my lazy self in.  (scored out out of 30)

Stream Quotient:  Stuff that keeps me playing it for hours and hours. (scored out of 50)

Thoughtlessness Quotient:  Stuff that makes me think about the game even when I’m not playing it.  (scored out of 20)

Gravity Rush Remastered  67/100  (Good)

Lazy Quotient 27/30

  • This game has the best flying mechanics in any game ever (maybe Flight Simulator is better?). After a couple of minutes, it becomes very intuitive and the animation of her flying/falling never fails to impress.  This , plus the game’s crazy amount of charm, makes it super breezy to jump in and out of.
  • Defying gravity, wall walking, or chilling on the ceiling…seriously, seeing the environment and world design from these unorthodox vantage points is constantly fascinating.
  • The art style is nice and unique and the graphics are generally good.  Character design is whimsical and charming (in that anime, pseudo-creepy style).Gravity-Rush-PS-Vita-Discount
  • Each area has it’s own unique architecture and style.  Gameplay wise its all the same, but at least superficially, things are unique.
  • There isn’t much voice-acting but the sounds and grunts of the different characters is amusing.
  • Everything not involving flying is much, much less pleasant.  Fighting is a complete slog.  Thankfully (at least at the beginning), flying is the main thrust of the game.

Streaming Quotient 32/50

  • Kat is endearing as are her friends.  Shes the perfect mix of naive and righteous and her conflict with the citizens who don’t trust thosewith her powers is great (wow its been so long since I’ve played it that I don’t remember what anything is called.)16
  • The gameplay loop of just zipping all over the city looking for gems is fantastic; things never get frustrating because you can’t really die so you are encouraged to test things out.  I love scavenger hunts like this (similar in style to Super Mario Odyssey) 
  • Other than the gem-hunting, the other activities almost fall into the checklist format that infuriates me in other open world games.  It doesn’t quite get annoying though because traveling to and from map markers is so fun and the activities are generally short and fun. 
  • Gameplay and story come to a grinding halt mid-game when you go to the “root” levels.  When you have a great system for free-falling in every which way in an open world, please don’t have a point in the game where you limit your character to a small, bland, underground area with limited areas to use your awesome powers!
  • The flying is always fun but enemy mobs show up more and more as the game goes on which isn’t the greatest thing when the combat is sub-par.  Combat… boy is it meh.  Its imprecise, finicky and unsatisfying.  No memorable battles, the boss battles all feel like variations on the same theme.
  • The enemy design is consistent and seems to be what the designers had in mind….but I need something more to keep drawing me in.  I felt like I am fighting a never ending horde of blobs.
  • The environments themselves become a bit monotonous relatively quickly.

Thoughtlessness Quotient:  8/20

  • The game was fun while I played it but once I stopped, I never really had a urge to go back and play it.
  • The districts are all unique visually but things get a bit repetitive because(though the flying is so damn fun) the architecture is just window-dressing.  There is no discernible difference for me walking on the bottom of a floating industrial factory as there is walking on the bottom of an upscale university.  It all runs together and since the gameplay is identical, despite the environment, I end up not remembering anything too clearly.
  • 71Mql4ivjlL._SL1500_
  • This game is just screaming for a better and more memorable soundtrack.  I feel like I would have put more hours in if the music had captured me.
  • There is that one song that plays when Kat keeps finding that lost old couple which is really great (if you are emo and love emotionally manipulative music like I do).
  • The flying mechanics alone make it possible that I will return to this game and beat it so I can play Gravity Rush 2  because the positives of this game were good enough for me to recognize the potential.  But I’m not in any “gravity” rush.  😀
  • Bonus point for the wordplay above and, more importantly, writing about this game makes me want to play it again.  Does that make me a hypocrite for saying that I had no urge to play it again?  That is for my friendly readers to decide…



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