My Lazy Week of Nonsensical Behavior (August 7th -August 13th)

Well, it was a quiet and uneventful work-week…just a bunch of Titanfall 2 and old Spurs games.  It was very peaceful and things seemed to be at a lull.  But there were tidings indicating great change.  Numerous signs pointed to a gathering storm that spelled doom to any notions of sleeping at a reasonable hour.  Rumors were swirling…people were talking…children hid their eyes…other children didn’t react at all.

And then, out of the ether, board games were played extensively on Friday and Saturday.  Wow the payoff to that build-up was pretty shoddy.

  • Video Games1280x720--ll
    • Titanfall 2 (PS4)
      • Finished the campaign. Yeah the storyline was meh but honestly, this is one of the only  games I can remember beating this quickly (about a week) when I’m not playing for the story.  That tells you how amazing the gameplay is.
      • (that story was really lacking though)
      • As awesome as the single player is, the multi-player so far has been even better.  The amazing variety, the ability to level up your Titans, and the huge amount of game-types…this is now officially my “mess around when I’m tired” game.  I haven’t had one of these in a while and damn, it feels good.
    • Breath of the Wild (Switch)
      • Started playing this more consistently again and the gameplay is just sublime.  Three things that make this game great:
        • This game charms the pants off of me (in a very platonic way though)
        • The fact that you can climb and glide at all times after the first couple hours makes it feel like you are never geographically “stuck”.
        • The way points of interest are easy to spot from any vantage point.
      • Basically, there hasn’t been a boring moment since I started playing this game.
    • Mortal Kombat X (PS4)
      • When I have friends over for the weekend, this game gets its most play.  Still a strong game, fighting games are not my favorites but still enjoyable.
      • That said, who in God’s name has time to actually become good at these games?!
  • Television Shows

hqdefault (1)

  • The Office Season 6
    • Continuing the rewatch.  I wanted to kill Pam when she refused to go to the hospital to have her baby.  Yeah its a comedy, but they sort of made their bed in Seasons 1 and 2 when they tried to make Jim and Pam into very realistic characters.  Once they did that, episodes where they behave like idiotic sitcom characters makes them very unlikable.
    • Prime example of being idiotic sitcom characters is inviting people they dislike to their wedding AND being fine with them all showing up at their child’s birth.
    • The montage of Dwight finding mold in Jim and Pam’s house is hilarious.
  • Game of Thrones Season 3
    • Still a good show but not enticing enough to get off (or onto) my ass to watch an episode this week.  My chances of catching up by the end of Season 7 are long gone.  Season 8 is still attainable.
  • Board Games


  • Kingdom Builder
    • This is the second time I’ve played this game and its a fun, mechanically simple game that I think all people would enjoy.  With that said, it is a taaaaaad bit too dry for me.
  • Libertalia
    • Ahhh Libertalia….its not the most elegantly designed game I have but there is something so undeniably fun about slapping down cards while yelling our YAARRRRR!
    • This game is fun in spite of itself.  You get stuck sometimes with a crappy collection of booty tiles and cards that don’t work well with each other but the player interaction in this game is what makes it work.
  • Terraforming Mars
    • Those last two games are solid.  This is in another class.
    • I’ve been wanting to play this game since I heard of it about a year ago and boy did it not dissapoint.
    • Personally, the most fun I’ve had engine-building (I usually hate that term).  My personal problem with the engine-building aspect of Dominion is that I am pretty shoddy at balancing the cards needed for the engine while minimizing my waste.  In this game, however, I love how once you start playing your cards and they start interacting with each other, they consistently churn out what you need to win.  It feels very thematic.
    • Wow the flow of this game is great.  The difference in your abilities in Generation 1 vs what you can do in the end-game really makes you feel like your corporation has grown.  Its hard to explain how much I love this sense of progression.
    • So we utterly screwed up the rules at the beginning of our first game.  We accidentally thought it was two actions per generation…not unlimited actions per generation.  Thus, we didn’t really get a feel for the flow during that first game.  However, it was still great and our blunders felt hilariously thematic.   (“We sent Earth’s finest to make Mars habitable in a timely manner.  WHY ARE THEY GETTING CAUGHT UP IN SO MUCH SELF-IMPOSED RED TAPE?!  They’ve only completed two actions in 100 years?  May God help us all.”)
    • Biggest pleasant surprise:  the fact that the single player has a very different feel than the multi-player and is really enjoyable.
    • Sooooooo many different paths to victory!  I can’t stop thinking about this game.
  • Small World
    • Looking at the board, it gave me a distinct Cry Havoc vibe.  Thankfully, my first impressions of this game were much better than that one (which I still need to play a real game of).
    • The different combinations of races and abilities are great.  Some are hilarious, some are normal, but the variety present and the mechanic involved with putting a race in decline makes this game very interesting.
    • Sooo much interaction and chances to screw eachother over.  My wife hopefully will love this game!
    • My impression after playing it once at 2 in the morning is that I want to purchase it.  It doesn’t really feel like Risk to me but like something completely different.  There is something very satisfying about watching certain races just spew forth all over the game board (even when you are coming in a distant last place).
    • Damn you Ratmen!
  • Books


  • Summer Knight (Book 4 in the Dresden Files):  By Jim Butcher
    • This book continues to be a high-quality, pulpy novel with a great main character.  However, I read these as a diversion from the heavier fantasy I truly love.  Unfortunately, about midway through each of these books, I start to lose my interest.  It’s not that the book gets bad…it’s just that (atleast to this point in the series), things are dire on the surface but I never am all that concerned with the repercussions.  Probably because Jim Butcher’s handling of the non-Dresden characters isn’t all that impactful.
    • This book still has potential of changing my opinion on that though.  I like the introduction of the White Council and the war between various factions.  If the book sticks it’s landing, my point above might become moot.
  • Movies
    • Still didn’t see anything this week!  Still need to see Dunkirk…but I’ve also been hankerin to re-watch Memento.

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