My Lazy Week Of Nonsensical Behavior:(July 31st – August 6th)

My Weekly Lazy Shenanigans

In general, I plan on writing once a week just blurbs about the nonsense that I am entertaining myself with.  So without further ado…here is one set of these blurbs.

  • Video Games
    • Trine Enchanted Edition (PS4) 
      • Doesn’t grip me but it’s been a fun diversion when I have 10 minutes.  So far, the levels are pretty similar in terms of gameplay but it’s the aesthetics and music that keeps me coming back.  Lost Vikings, this is not.
      • I could very well see myself stop playing this game without realizing it though.
    • Titanfall 2 (PS4)
      • Wow, I bought this for the multiplayer.  I haven’t touched the multiplayer though because the campaign is awesome.  Great, great, great gameplay.  One of the few times that an opening cutscene is not some generic CGI nonsense showing you things that you couldn’t do
      • The music is pretty generic and has an action movie vibe but I love it!
      • The characters (especially the villains) are laughably bad.
      • However, the gunplay and traversal is freakin divine.  I’ve got one mission left.
      • Can’t wait to start multiplayer!
      • I’ve seen “a machine can’t quite understand human beings’ senses of humor” before numerous times.  This game tries it again and, while some people like it, I find it middling and forced.  BUT THE GAMEPLAY ROCKS so I ignore it.
        maxresdefaultAt least once every hour, BT misinterprets sarcasm with hilarious results.
    • The Witcher 3 (PS4)
      • After five months away from this game, I have come back to it and am now in hour 173.  Nearly done with the main quest and itching to get to the DLC!
      • Main storyline is incoherent to me but that is because I took about 5 or 6 breaks in the two years I’ve played this game.  The voicework and dialogue is still some of the best I’ve seen in any game.
      • You know, when I go to review this game it will probably get a 90 or above.  What is shocking to me is how for a game so good, the gameplay is so utterly un-engaging.
    • Breath of the Wild (Switch)
      • Dammit I haven’t played it much this week!  My wife hogged the Switch a bunch this week and just haven’t had much time for it.  Still, it crystallizes for me how meh the Witcher’s actual gameplay (fighting, traversal, etc) is.
    • Dark Souls 2:  Scholar of the First Sin (PS4)
      • As a huge FromSoftware fan, I am sad to say that this game is a huge letdown for me after Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls and Bloodborne.  This is the second straight week I haven’t played it and it’s because not a single area or boss I’ve played through or against has that certain “Dark Souls” feel to it.SotFS_LostSinnerThis guy is the peak of boss design creativity through the first five or so areas of this game.  Yeah.  This guy.  Pictured above.  Yep. Siggghhhh.

  • Television Shows
    • Breaking Bad Season 2
      • Well I re-watched Season 2 Episode 3 of BB to write my next episode review.  Stay tuned! (If you still care 4 years after it went off the air).
    • The Office Season 6
      • I’m re-watching The Office during breakfast and dinner.  I watched about 6 or 7 episodes from Season 6 this week and I am shocked  at how enjoyable this re-watch has been!  I remember not liking Season 6 but I haven’t had a single problem yet…
      • …except Jim and Pam (mostly Pam) seem more like tools during this re-watch compared to when I first watched the show like eight years ago.
    • Game of Thrones Season 3
      • Too bad I can’t go on the internet anywhere these days.  I’m pretty sure I know exactly what characters are still alive in Season 7 which makes some of the predicaments alot of these characters are where I’m at lose their potency.
      • I’m trying desperately to catch up to Season 7 but I doubt I’ll make it.  The show is not compelling enough for me to burn through 40ish episodes in the next 5 weeks.
      • Season 3 is MUCH better than Season 2.  I had this same reaction three years ago when I first watched Seasons 1-4 (and then I quit the show) but it is shocking to me how much better the storyline is this season.  Dany in Qarth can go burn in hell.dany“So how long do you want us to drag this plot out?”


  • Board Games
    • Sadly none this week!  But my buddies are coming over for the weekend so we should be playing some.  Hopefully we get in some Cry Havoc, Terraforming Mars, and Codenames.
    • Plus, Alan Moon (creator of Ticket to Ride) somehow lives in the same apartment building as me and I’ve gone to board game night with him so…yeah my life has never been the same.


  • Books
    • Summer Knight (Book 4 in the Dresden Files):  By Jim Butcher
      • I enjoy these books as a diversion from the heavier fantasy books I read.  This one is pretty solid but I expect it to be like the first three books…a quick read that immediately disappears from my memory.


  • Movies
    • Also sadly none this week but I really want to see Dunkirk.  Too bad my wife doesn’t want to see it!  Long live Christopher Nolan!



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